How to entice buyers

by Daniel Thomas

Are you enticing your buyers?

You want the very best price for your property, therefore in my opinion you should do all you can to work with your agent to entice as many buyers to your property as possible. If you were selling a second hand car you’d get it cleaned and have any chips touched up before you started advertising it and in my opinion that is exactly what you should be doing with your home. There are a few tips below on things to look out for, but your agent should be able to give you much more detailed advice on what you should be doing to maximise your chances of selling for a premium price

First Impressions

Your hallway is one of the first things your potential buyers will see.  It sets the tone of your home, much like a wedding invitation sets the tone of the wedding.  It is true that your buyers will make a buying decision based on the first few seconds in your home.

Get as much natural light into the hall as you can, if thats a struggle then invest in a beautiful lamp. Remove these from your hallway as they can quickly make your space feel smaller.  If you are struggling for space?  Then maybe invest in some plastic boxes for shoes and on viewing days put the box in your car boot, along with all the coats.  Professional home stagers see the hallway as another room.  Make people happy to be there, add a console table and some feature lamps, finish with a flourish of flowers and a glamorous mirror for maximum impact!


Pro Photography

We realise your house is your home and you need to live in it, however before the photographer visits (make sure it is an actual professional photographer and not just your agent who thinks he/she is a whizz with a camera – trust me you will tell the difference) take a fresh look at your home, do you need that TV remote on the side? Could you hide the phone chargers for a while? Are your kitchen services cluttered or have you hidden your gadgets in the cupboards? Try to remember these photos will be the first time your buyers sees your home and they are also what they will use to compare you to other properties so you need them to be the best they can. Your agent should be able to help you stage your home during your photo shoot and there is nothing wrong with shuffling kids toys out of the photos and them popping them back in afterwards.



In the past it was popular to pitch your asking price a little higher so you had some ‘wriggle room’ in the 21st century it makes much more sense to ‘price to entice’. Use your asking price as a way to generate interest.  Make your buyers believe they are going to have to act quickly if they want to secure your home.  If this is coupled with a detailed plan and strategy for every stage of the process it can lead to generating fantastic results and in your achieving a premium price.  Also make sure you use round number – £249,950 is so 1990’s, these days you would want to be £250,000 as that would mean you appear in results when people are search up to £250,000 and when they search from £250,000


We have loads of tips and useful information, if you liked this article then head over to where you will find loads more helpful hints and tips.  We also implement a 9 step plan to achieve a premium price for our clients and on average (at the time of writing) we have achieved 102% of the original asking price for our clients over a 6 month period. If you would like to know more about our 9 step plan just give us a call and we will gladly talk you through it.

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