Selling your home: Finding a perfect buyer for your home

by Daniel Thomas

Finding a buyer for your home is not always straight forward.  There is more to selling your home than simply finding a way to get your property listed on Rightmove. In my series of helpful guides on how to sell your home I will help you find your perfect buyer. I will help you get the best price for your property, while still selling your home fast.

In this article I am going to talk about ways to find the perfect buyer for your home. I will discuss the importance of qualifying your buyer, to make sure that they fit you and to help you identify the perfect buyer when selling your home in Stourbridge.

Unfortunately many people don’t find out until it is too late that some buyers are not diligent in their research before deciding to buy a home. Many buyers won’t have even spoken to their bank or financial adviser before starting to look at properties for sale. In many cases they still won’t have done this before they make an offer to buy your home.

Instead many will make assumptions on what they can afford to buy and sadly often these assumptions are wide of the mark. This can of course lead to a waste of time for sellers, not to mention frustration and disappointment. You also have to consider the impact on marketing; marking a property as sold and then putting it back for sale can have a negative impact, with many good buyers seeing this as a sign there is a problem with your home.

For these reasons we never agree a sale before we  get all the relevant paperwork and evidence.  We will obtain copies of; the buyers proof of identity; proof of cash; and/or proof of an agreement in principle from a bank. In addition to this evidence if a buyer is relying on money from the sale of their current home, then we will also need to speak to their estate agent.  By speaking to their agent we can verify their sale and assess its validity.  We are also able to gauge the complexity of the ‘chain’. This is an estate agency term for the chain of properties linked to our sale. Sometimes these chains can be quite long, often with 6 or more properties involved.

Once we have all this evidence and have assessed the complexity of the chain we can discuss timescales. At this stage we will have a good idea if these timescales are realistic or not. This then allows us to make a recommendation to our clients on the suitability of the buyer.

It is only at this point that we decide if we are going to take a property off the market as Sold Subject To Contract.  The buyers have been financially verified and assessed for realistic timescales. It will be now be obvious if they are a good match for our clients. For example someone with a complicated chain is unlikely to be your perfect buyer if you’ve found your dream home being sold by a builder who wants to exchange contracts within four weeks. On the flip side of that, if your buyer is chain free and desperate to be in for Christmas and you have the kids and grandchildren visiting for one last Christmas then these buyers may not be right for you.

So as you can see, selling your home isn’t as simple as listing your house on rightmove and taking the first offer that comes along. Thankfully though my team and I are able to take care of all of this for you.  We will take away any worry and we will manage the expectations of the buyers right from the start. By being proactive with buyers expectations we are able to make more buyers become suitable buyers. The more suitable buyers we can find; the higher the price we can achieve.

Verifying and managing buyers is just another way we do things differently when selling your home. Giving you the best experience we can and to get you the best price in the quickest time.

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