All estate agents are the same!

by Daniel Thomas

I hear this all the time and I actually really enjoy being able to explain to people how all agents are very different and how a pro-active agent can make a real difference, not only to the time it takes to get a sale, but the price you achieve too!

Thinking all agents are the same is like thinking all supermarkets are the same just because they all sell baked beans, but we all know how different they all are from each other! It is exactly the same with estate agents.  Most agents will be able to get your property listed on rightmove and zoopla (although some local agents only use rightmove), but they won’t all have the same attitude to levels of client care and customer service.

Having been selected for entry in the Best Estate Agency Guide by Property Academy and Rightmove we are fairly confident we know how to make a difference to our clients. Over 25,000 branches of estate agents country wide were entered and to choose which agents were listed in the Guide, each branch was scored against a unique set of performance and customer service criteria, using a combination of data analysis and mystery shopping, only the top 20% made it into the guide.

So what makes one agent different to another? You will find the service will vary greatly in areas like; levels of communication, floor plans, portal choice (rightmove & zoopla), pro-activeness, innovation, knowledge, fees, attention to detail, team members, photographs, client testimonials, integrity, professionalism, commitment, to name just a few. Some call centre based agents (or online agents as they are sometimes called) are literally no more than a vehicle to listing your property on websites, leaving you to schedule and carry out your own viewings, negotiate your own offers and providing no assistance during the conveyancing process.

One of the best ways to find out if an agent is right for you is to mystery shop them, by calling and booking a viewing you will see the agent through the eyes of your future buyer and if it the service lives up to the promise of the marketing material and valuers comments. If they fall short with your expectations as a buyer they are unlikely to be any more impressive when you are their vendor client.

If you are already on the market and struggling to sell or if you are thinking about moving then why not schedule me to visit for a free consultation on the saleability of your home and how I can help you achieve your goals, or what I can do differently to your existing agent to reinvigorate the marketing of your home and get you moving again.


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