Why we use professional photos (and maybe you should too!)

by Daniel Thomas

In this fast past world buyers are making judgements on property listings within seconds, from talking to hundreds of buyers we know that often they will dismiss a property after no more than a quick flick through the photos, or on the flip side of that they will also decide they want to view! It is therefore so important you get the online presentation of your property right, which is why we only use professional camera equipment and for the majority of our properties use the services of an expert local property photographer.

Professional photos help to illustrate the lifestyle that goes with the house, which helps to present the property in a way the buyer wants to see it, after all when they think of their dream home what they are really dreaming about is the lifestyle that home will give them.

Good photography helps a buyer decide instantly if they want to view your home or not, fantastic photography intrigues them and makes them want to find out more, therefore increasing the chances of more viewers coming through your door.

Below are a selection of some of the photos we have used in the marketing of homes in the last few months


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