Why do you need to ask this?

The click through rate is the conversation rate between how many times your property appears in a property search and out of those searches, how many people click through to see the full details, pictures and floor plan. 

If the estate agent is investing in professional photography and premium promotion on the major property portals, then the click through rate will be impressive.

In my agency, we have average over 6% click through rate and if we notice drop on a certain property, changes get made to bring it back up. The way we use the internet continues to change all the time though and rightmove is no different.  Which is why rightmove now publish 'detailed views'.  This give you an indication of how many people have looked at the full details of your property, regardless of how they found you.  Good agents will not just rely on the rightmove search engine to show you their listings they will have links direct to your property listing on social media like Facebook  and Instagram  and in the notes section of the YouTube video they have produced about your property too.

Rightmove Property Performance Report

Rightmove produce a performance report for all the properties listed on their site and your agent should have access to this and should be able to use it to monitor their results and to work out if they need to change anything on your listing. They have produced a great video to explain about their property performance report - you can watch it here


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