Your home selling checklist


When it comes to selling your home, there are many factors that affect its saleability, either adversely or beneficially. We assess each house thoroughly to ensure that all these factors are optimised for selling. Here’s a checklist to help you see if you could make any improvements. You’ll see it is in sections, so you can see how you rate in each one. Award yourself up to five points for each question, and then add them up.

Your estate agent

 Do they call you every week?

 Do they give you full and detailed feedback after each viewing?

 Have they made any suggestions (other than dropping the price!) to help you generate more viewings?

 Does your agent accompany all your viewers?

 Your brochure

 Are your photographs professionally taken?

 Does your floor plan include dimensions and the overall floor area?

 Are your house descriptions full of lovely adjectives and enthusiasm?

 Is your brochure more than four sides, and laminated?

Your online advert

 Is your main photograph the best one to tempt a buyer to click for more information?

 Does it have a punchy headline to attract attention?

 Does it have a brochure download button?

 Is your description concise yet still flattering?


 Have you stuck to your asking price, perhaps despite pressure from your agent to drop it?

 Is your asking price a round figure? Such as £1 million, not £999,999?

 Does your house appear at the top of an online search in your price range?

 Do you know how your price per square foot compares with your competition?

 Preparing your home for viewings

 Do you put fresh flowers out for each viewing?

 Do you dress your beds for viewings?

 Do you have hard flooring in your bathroom(s)?

 Do you play music and switch on lamps to create atmosphere?


Now add up your scores.

Total out of 100 _________

So, how did you do?

81–100 points – Well done! You’re on top of your house sale, and making sure your agent is working for you. If you’re still not getting enough viewings then maybe you haven't been entirely honest with yourself, you should consider talking to your agent and asking them why you are getting disappointing results

50–80 points – Some great work here, but there is lots more you can do to improve your chances of sale. Keep in close contact with your estate agent, and if you feel they are losing confidence, consider changing agents. It’s also a good idea to visit show homes in your area for contemporary home ‘staging’ ideas to stay ahead of the competition.

Less than 50 points – I think you need our help! Book your free consultation by emailing me at and find out what you need to do to get your house sold.