Struggling to sell your home?

Your property has been on the market for months and the viewings are now few and far between, you are starting to worry why your home hasn't sold, everyone says you have a lovely home but nobody is offering, you are starting to question what price you might achieve if it ever actually sells at all - sound familiar? So what can you do?

Ask most estate agents why a property hasn't sold and they will almost always say it is down to price, they would suggest if you drop the price enough then eventually it will sell.  However, we don't agree. We like to do things differently and that affects the way we think too. We agree your price is important, price is a huge factor, a well priced property will attract attention and a property getting lots of attention will sell quickly and for the best price. But, there is another way to attract attention. Presentation.  The way your property is presented and marketed is in our opinion far more often the reason that you will be achieving disappointing amounts of interest. You might think your photos look ok, but you would be amazed at how different they will look if your home is dressed and staged properly and then photographed by a professional.  Couple these stunning images with poetic copy, unique visual branding and beautiful brochures and suddenly it could look like an entirely different home.  If your home isn't dressed and presented at its absolute best then it is impossible for you or your agent to know with any certainty that it is the price that is the problem.

What can you do to get more viewings?

If you haven't sold after a few months then maybe it is time to consider changing agents - if you think you're ready to switch then I would recommend you contact your current agent now and get your property off the market as soon as possible. Having a brief gap between marketing can be beneficial.

If you aren't quite at that stage then click here to download our 10 Essential Tips for Selling and to register for more useful guides. If you prefer to have a chat to see exactly how I would suggest you can improve your marketing then just give us a call, pop in to see us or request a valuation consultation here

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