Some of our customers stories

Over the years we have helped thousands of sellers achieve their goals of moving to their new homes. Often due to our experience and careful preparation these transactions go without a glitch. However sometimes despite our best efforts something crops up to throw a spanner in the works.  This is often simple and can be easily worked around, examples might be a survey brings up some damp issues or some potential electrical installation problems. Sometimes it can be a little more challenging, like a short lease or a mine entry within close proximity, other times these issues can be even more troubling and can have devastating effect on the success of the sale.

To help you understand how important a good agent can be I have described a few real stories from sales I have handled below:

The Wrong Days

I once took a call from a solicitor, who was rather panicked. You see he had just exchanged contracts on a property we were selling.  Good news I thought, so why did he sound so distraught? It turned out he had exchanged contracts with a promised date of completion of our clients sale on the following Thursday, however the exchange of contracts for their onward purchase meant they weren't due to complete their purchase until the following Friday! This would have meant they were homeless and needing storage for all their stuff! We were able to simply get an agreement from the new owners to allow the original owners to stay for one extra night as tenants, allowing the onward chain to complete without fuss the next day.

Chain Collapsed

We had two clients in a chain, the top of the chain was owned by a builder and landlord client of ours, his house was being purchased by another of our clients who had sold to someone selling an apartment in Birmingham.  Unfortunately there were issues with the mortgage for the buyer of the apartment and that sale fell through, just weeks before everyone was due to move. We realised that we needed to keep the chain alive and it was important for the builder that he sold his house to our buyers as it was likely he might have to wait some time to find another buyer. We quickly arranged for him to buy the house off the people who were buying his, he effectively became the top and the bottom of the chain simultaneously. Our clients were blown away, they never could of thought of this, they said. The builder quickly resold their home and everyone has achieved their goals thanks to our quick thinking.

The Worst Sale - Ever!

The worst sale ever was how the solicitor representing our clients described this one. Everything started well, we received offers quickly and agreed a sale in excess of the asking price, in doing so our sellers were able to have their own offer on their onward purchase agreed! Result! Everyone is happy, until we get a few weeks down the line.  First of all our clients had issues with their mortgage company, the mortgage offer was issued in the wrong address and had to be redone, easily fixed, despite the bank worrying our clients that they might have to send a surveyor out again. There were a few other similar little bumps in the road, but generally everything was ticking along nicely and so people started to consider dates for a completion. All parties involved seemed happy to aim for completion around a month further down the line. Three weeks later instead of moving towards and exchange the solicitors at the bottom of the chain started raising nonsense enquiries, things that had already been handled. They stopped answering emails and weren't available on the phone. Then all of a sudden just 9 days before the scheduled day for completion it turned out there was an issue with the first time buyers being named as owners on another property. Excuses, half stories and misleading information followed for the next two weeks, during which time it turned out both of the first time buyers actually co-owned other property and now needed to have their names removed from the land registry before exchange.

Due to the delays and all the uncertainty the sellers at the top of the chain had become nervous. As part of our service to our clients we made daily calls and sent regular SMS updates and treated these sellers as they were our own paying clients. By doing this we hoped to keep their minds at rest that despite the messing around and delays at the bottom of the chain we knew what was happening and would ensure the sale went ahead. Despite out best efforts another two weeks on and the sellers at the top of the chain decided to remarket their property. Devastating news for our client, who at this stage was ready to call it a day.  We assured him the bottom of the chain was now just days away from an exchange of contracts, but to protect him we too would remarket his home.  That weekend we showed 7 more people around his home and secured three more offers.  Unfortunately for our client the seller at the top of the chain had a viewing, which resulted in an offer higher than that of our clients. We were now faced with the reality that the top of our chain was planning to sell to someone else.  I personally spent an hour in my car outside Waitrose talking to the buyers of my clients property, explaining how things were so close but so far away and that the reality was now that my client must find another large amount of money in order to compete, explaining as I went how I felt this was not something my client should have to do. To cut a long story short I took a call the next morning telling me the original downward chain were all now ready to exchange contracts and the extra funds were available to my client so that he would not be out of pocket.

Now you might think that is the end of the story, however the seller at the top of the chain had decided that he felt more comfortable with the new buyers, however after a stern conversation with me pointing out a few real possibilities and how my clients had now done everything possible and were ready to exchange a few agonising hours later he agreed, the sale was back on, it exchanged the next day and completed a week later

All three of the people directly involved with me during this transaction came close to throwing in the towel, they cam close to losing hope that this sale was ever going to happen and they have all said if it wasn't for the conversations they had with me that laid it out for them and showed them clearly what was the best and most sensible solution that they almost certainly would have made different decisions and they are glad they listened to me.


I can assure you there are countless more stories to be told, but I am pretty certain you can now understand the importance of a good agent and how the after sale work is often where we work hardest.

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