Preparing your home for marketing

by Daniel Thomas

There’s that old saying ‘first impressions count’, well I believe that is never truer than when it comes to selling your home. So a little work right from the start is never a bad idea. Before you start ripping out the kitchen and bathroom though just remember to try to view your home through your buyers eyes, although you might have started to move on psychologically already you need to remember that your home might just be exactly what the buyer is looking for.  Its always a great idea to start with a deep clean, not only does a clean home give the right impression it also gives you a great opportunity to de-clutter while you are at it.  Anything you don’t plan on taking with you to your new home might as well go now.  Less is definitely more when it comes to selling your home.  I often say we are ‘selling a dream’, buyers are not going to fall in love with a house that has no storage with wellies and ironing boards floating around in hallways instead of being neatly tucked away.  By getting rid of the junk that we all accumulate you can find better homes for the essentials and in doing so give your buyers the feeling that life will never be better than when they move into your home.  Some people go so far as to rent a storage facility or borrow a friends spare room, if you know you have too much stuff it might not be a bad idea.

Once your home is de-cluttered and sparkling clean its time to tackle any unfinished DIY, unfinished jobs will often create a sense of doubt in a buyers minds and this translates to lower offers (or no offers at all), it is usually far cheaper to get these jobs finished than to have to reduce your price to sell despite them.

When reviewing the condition of your home don’t discount the idea of a bit of re-painting, freshly decorated properties will create a feeling of being able to simply move straight in and these properties time and again sell fastest for the highest price.

Not everyone will find it easy to identify their own need to de-clutter, redecorate and finish off DIY, but we are more than happy to help and will always give you honest feedback on your home and what you can do to improve its saleability. We also work with a home staging professional who will gladly produce a detailed report and then provide the accessories to really show your property off and make it look like its straight off the pages of Ideal Home Magazine or similar.

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