My house isn’t selling, what can I do?

by Daniel Thomas

In the current housing market you were probably expecting to sell your home in no time at all.  SO what should you do now?

You probably had two or three agents advise you that finding a buyer would take a matter of days or weeks.  But now the weeks are turning into months and you can’t work out why nobody is buying your beautiful home. If you haven’t already discussed the reasons why your property hasn’t sold with your agent then get on the phone now and ask them to tell you why. It shouldn’t be down to you to chase them and ask why. Nevertheless you want to sell so take the lead.  Hopefully they wont simply suggest a reduction in asking price.  There are lots of reasons your property may not have sold.  Below I have listed a few of the top reasons why your home might not be selling

1)Photos & Marketing

First impressions count.  With the internet being such a popular way of searching for property these days it has never been more important to get your visual marketing right. Gone are the days when an agent using a cheap point and press camera will suffice, or a dodgy fish eye lensed dSLR. Buying a home is an emotional process and you want your buyers to start making an emotional attachment from the first instant they see your online listing.

It is also a proven fact that our attention span is dwindling, so reams of text about the size of bedrooms and how many radiators there are is also not what you want to be showing your buyers. Instead we recommend supplementing your photos with a large, bright, clear floor plan. This will help buyers not only start to gauge the size of your home but also the layout and flow.

I’ve already mentioned the importance of photography, but a good agent will not only show off the rooms and space your property has but they will instruct their photographer to really showcase the lifestyle your home is going to give its new owners, highlighting keys features, or even stylish design factors of the way you have your home presented can all help your buyers really start to fall in love with your home. On several occasions now we have put a property to market that had already been on the market with another agent for months with no or little interest, only for us to find a buyer within days.  This isn’t a coincidence; it is because we are using our marketing to really showcase the home to its full potential.

2) Pets

I understand it is hard to believe, but sadly it is true, not everyone is going to love your pets. I’m an animal lover myself and would enjoy nothing more than saying hello to your cat or dog when I come out to see you, but unfortunately not everyone is the same.  For some it can be a little unnerving and when was the last time you made a positive emotional connection to anything whilst feeling nervous or worried at the same time? For others it is worse, with some having allergies or serious phobias. This is why we recommend hiding all trace of the animals and if possible getting them out the house for all viewings.  As an agency we offer to help with viewings, we do this for lots of reasons, but when you have animals it certainly makes it a lot easier for you to get them out the way if we are around to show your potential buyers around your pet free home.

3) Price

Stop! Do not reduce your asking price! I know it can make sense that the price is the reason why your property hasn’t sold, but it certainly isn’t the only or even the main reason, I promise you.

It is really important you make sure you have explored all your other options with your agent before you consider reducing your asking price. Sometimes a low asking price can even be off putting to buyers. Also don’t forget if you are getting viewings then it almost certainly isn’t the price, there will be exceptions to this rule which is why you need to be talking to your agent, but if the price is too high then buyers won’t even pick up the phone and talk to the agent about your home, they certainly won’t waste their time coming to see it. So, if you are getting viewings then ask the agent what the feedback is and consider making some other changes

4) Estate Agent

Of course the reason you aren’t selling could be because you simply chose the wrong agent. That’s not to say you picked a bad agent, perhaps they are just not the right one for you or your property. It can be hard to choose the best agent for you, as it isn’t necessarily about how many houses they sell or what their fees are. No, some agents chose not to allow themselves to be overloaded with more clients than they can realistically help properly.  While others will take as many as they can get, often charging lower fees to attract more and more clients, but not stopping to think about the quality of service their clients are receiving.

Don’t be afraid to ask your agent questions, ask to see evidence of properties they have sold like yours.  Ask them to discuss what they would suggest if you haven’t sold in six weeks time.  Ask them about their agency contract period – a confident agent wont tie you in for long, if at all.  One who has no or little faith in their ability to sell your home will tie you in to a lengthy contract.  They might possibly even charge you fees should you decide to switch agents.

So although it is frustrating when your home isn’t selling, don’t despair there are things you can do. If you feel you would like some help or specific advice on what you could do to improve your chances of selling then get in touch today.  I would be more than happy to come out to see you for a cup of tea and chat.


Daniel Thomas


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