During the festive season our opening hours are:

Friday 21st December - Closed

Saturday 22nd December - Closed

Monday 24th December - Closed

Tuesday 25th December - Closed

Wednesday 26th December - Closed

Thursday 27th December - Open 10am - 4pm

Friday 28th December - Open 10am - 4pm

Saturday 29th December - Open 9am - 12pm

Monday 31st December - Open 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 1st January - Closed


Emergency Information

We do not provide a 24/7 emergency service and therefore remind our tenants that should you face an emergency during this time you will need to take appropriate steps and then contact the office as soon as we are open again so we can help resolve the issue and reimburse any expenses incurred.  You should remember that your landlord may not cover out of hours call out charges or rates if the issue is not considered a genuine emergency.  If you have a serious water leak please locate the stop tap and turn off your water and contact an emergency plumber. If you suspect you have a gas leak then call National Grid Gas on 0800 111 999 (more information here https://www.nationalgridgas.com/contact-us)

You can also message us directly via Facebook Messenger - click here to message us now m.me/thepropertyshop 

We will normally be able to respond within 24 hours even on the Bank Holidays and may be able to offer some advise if your problem will be classed as an emergency or what action you need to take. 

Stay safe and have a great Christmas holiday