Whydo you need to ask this?

Many property owners are happy to or even prefer to carry out viewings themselves. However we believe that is much better for your agent to do them for you.

Here are 7 reasons why your agent should do your viewings!

  1. Firstly, you are paying your estate agent for their service. Buyers will be attracted to your property (if you follow my guidelines) so you shouldn’t even be expected to carry out a viewing
  2. The estate agent is the trained sales expert and should know precisely how to pitch a property to a viewer.
  3. Buyers will be honest with the estate agent who is an independent third party, but may feel obliged to be polite to you as the homeowner. They may say all the right things to you, so as to not be rude to you about your house – but then inform the agent that they didn’t like it. If you were expecting an offer to be made, this can be very deflating.
  4. Your estate agent will know what the viewer liked about the property in order to make that first enquiry, so will focus on that when showing them around.
  5. Property owners tend to say too much. I have witnessed owners literally talking their way out of an offer. A first viewing is an experience which usually appeals to the buyer’s emotions, with logic playing a more significant role in subsequent viewings. Often, the only question a buyer will ask themselves during a first viewing is: “Can I see myself living here?” The last thing they want or need is the property owner regaling them with every detail about the house – right down to the dustbin collection day.
  6. Your estate agent will be the person who negotiates with the buyer on price, if they choose to put in an offer and the viewing acts as that crucial first stage in the negotiation. Your estate agent, as a trained professional, will automatically pick up on specific things mentioned during the viewing which they should then use when negotiating. For example, during the viewing, the buyers may have declared: “This is the biggest garden we have seen at this price”. However, they might then offer £10,000 under the property’s asking price. Immediately, your estate agent can agree to forward the offer but remind them that the property has a very large garden, compared to other properties valued at the same price.
  7. A good estate agent will want to give exceptional service. This naturally means that they will want to see all viewers personally.

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