Commercial Property Service with a Difference

by Daniel Thomas

The Property Shop independent estate agents are seeing a huge increase in demand for their ‘local’ commercial property service. Due to the ever increasing popularity of property investment by private individuals more and more commercial properties are owned by landlords with only a few properties in their portfolio. These landlords, unlike the big investment companies and pension funds, cannot afford to leave their property empty while they wait for their commercial agent to tie up a 25 year lease with a bluechip company. Instead they are turning to the more hands on flexible approach offered by local estate agents The Property Shop.

The Property Shop will act quickly when instructed to market a property with adverts appearing on websites and in the local papers within days of the instruction, but where they are really making a difference is in the accessibility of their staff and the flexibleness of the leases on offer. Many landlords are more than happy to take relatively short term leases, with many agreeing terms on a three year basis and some agreeing a lease as short as twelve months. The Property Shop will negotiate all the terms and iron out all the creases before handing over to solicitors, helping to keep their clients costs to a minimum. Not only that but because they are so active with their marketing they will not allow clients to leave their property sitting empty in the hope of tying up a deal at a unrealistic rental, Daniel Thomas from The Property Shop explains the strategy ‘Many of our clients would prefer us to negotiate terms to agree a lease at a discounted rate than leave the property empty so to safeguard their long term return from the rents we build into the lease regular rent reviews which give our clients the chance to put the rent back up in the future.

For more information or to arrange a sale or rental valuation of your commercial property or your business contact your local branch of The Property Shop who will be more than happy to arrange a meeting with one of their commercial specialists.

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