10 Essential Tips For Selling This Autumn

by Daniel Thomas


  1. De-clutter. Box up all your treasures collected over the years that you want to take with you but can live without for a few months and get rid of anything that isn’t going with you to the new home. There should be ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’
  2. Complete unfinished DIY projects. Clearing the guttering, patching up holes, re-sealing the bath, changing light bulbs
  3. Consider any nice staging props you might want to use for photograph day. New cushions and throws that match the décor, great towels in the bathroom, fresh flowers, attractive ornaments can all make a photo come to life and are worth giving some thought to. We can give you some bespoke hints and tips if you are selling with us and in some cases we can even provide a few props for you if you are struggling.
  4. Mow the lawn, sorry its still been growing these last few weeks, although it probably doesn’t need to many more cuts this Autumn. However, the leaves have started to fall so they’ll be keeping you busy
  5. Make the beds, sounds silly but a neatly made bed makes a bedroom photo look fantastic while a scruffy one can make even the finest of bedrooms look awful.
  6. Turn on lights and lamps. If the photographer doesn’t need them on she can quickly turn them off, but if she needs them and has to wait half an hour for low energy bulbs to warm up we aren’t going to get the desired results
  7. Remove an overflow of coats that always build up this time of year – hide them in the car if necessary
  8. Hide any pets and pet paraphernalia – they can go in the car with the coats, just don’t forget you may need to consider hiding this car!
  9. Put the heating on (not too hot just keep it pleasantly warm), maybe light a fire
  10. One last whizz around to hide toys, the hoover and the ironing board and make sure the beds are made


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